I have been an avid angler since childhood, fishing the lakes, rivers, streams, and shorelines of New England. With Jacques Cousteau as my all-time hero, I joined the U.S. Navy to train as a Deep Sea Diver. There I learned the sport of freediving and breath-hold spearfishing. As the years progressed, I melded my love of the arts and the ocean and began printing my catches inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Gyotaku. Gyotaku, translated as "Fish Rubbing", is an ancient art form where the body and fins of a fish are painted with Japanese Sumi-e ink. Handmade paper is then carefully placed over the fish and meticulously rubbed by hand. Once the rubbing is complete, the paper is carefully lifted away producing an exact mirror image of the fish. Japanese Sumi-e Ink is made of natural ground vegetable soot and water, therefore every printed fish is cleaned and filleted. After removing all edible portions, the rest of the fish is composted and is used to fertilize our many gardens at home. Nothing is wasted. After the raw print has time to dry, the detail is then added. Some prints are finished in traditional black and white, while others are colored with a variety of media. I only use handmade paper that is purchased from fairtrade resources. The result is a sustainable piece of fine art honoring Mother Ocean. Kindly contact me if you would like your prized catch immortalized with ink and paper. 

From Sea    To Art     To Table